PRS Private Stock 2926 Custom 24 Great Horned Owl NEW

PRS Private Stock 2926 Custom 24 Great Horned Owl NEW



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PRS Private Stock #2926 Custom 24 Great Horned Owl NEW

Гитара представлена на сайте как пример высочайшего качества и примера серии Private Stock! Ее нет в наличии, но вы сможете заказать такую же на прямую с завода! 

The Great Horned Owl is a 5 piece limited run (world wide). All instruments in this series will have “The Great Horned Owl” carving by Floyd Scholz - each will be slightly different with the head pivot until #5, which will have the owl looking straight out of the guitar body.Incredible new Private Stock Custom 24. This special guitar features a curly maple top with Great Horned Owl carving by famed bird carver and PRS collaborator, Floyd Schulz. Other tonewoods include mahogany back and neck, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. The fingerboard features custom inlays--mother of pearl star inlays and a custom mother of pearl  and black lip pearl moon inlay at the 12th fret. Headstock eagle features mother of pearl and black lip pearl. Features a "Nightshade" stain in a satin nitro finish. The eye is made from a custom Swarovski crystal--the eye appears to be looking at you from any direction (very cool). Other features include 57/08 pickups, Brazilian rosewood tuner buttons and gold hardware. This guitar is part of a limited run of 5, it is #1. Each one will features a different phase of the moon at the 12th fret. This guitar was displayed at the 2010 PRS Experience.

Каждая мелочь в этой гитаре доточена до идеала, а квилт топ подчеркивает обьемность перьев совы! Гитара - произведение искусства! Идеальное дополнение Вашей коллекции! Для заказа пишите на e-mail, скайп, или звоните.