1983 Fender Gold Elite Stratocaster Natural Vintage

1983 Fender Gold Elite Stratocaster Natural Vintage


$2499 $3200

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    В Украине

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    Кейс, ручка тремоло, документы, ключи

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1983 Fender Gold Elite Stratocaster Natural Vintage

Уникальнейший коллекционный страт 83 года из элит серии. стоил в 83 году 1155 $. Иногда встречаются цены за 8,5 к +  https://reverb.com/item/10689204-fender-stratocaster-gold-elite-1983-off-white

Цена на сайте временная и смешная. Немного информации из The Fender Stratocaster Book. A. Duchossoir (1989).

Fender started work on the designs for the ELITE series in late 1981 with a research and design team that included Dan Smith, Chip Todd. John Page, Charlie Gressett and Freddie Tavares. The Elite series was meant to combine modern technologies with the classic Stratocaster design. The electronics, vibrato and neck adjustment mechanisms were all to be improved. To this end the Elite Stratocasters included active electronics, refined Freeflyte tremolo bridges and Biflex trussrods. When the Elite Stratocaster was finally released in 1983 it included numerous new features:

  • Biflex truss rod adjustment (installed from the rear - with skunk stripe on neck) with a neck angle adjuster located in the neck plate
  • Slightly wider nut width and flatter 12 inch fretboard radius
  • Ezy-Glyder point contact string retainers and high ratio, low backlash machine heads with specially lubricated tuning gears
  • Security lock strap buttons
  • Heavy duty cast bridge assembly with 'drop-in' string loading, Freeflyte tremolo system with tension adjustable from the top and snap-in Torq-Master tremolo arm. There was no backplate or recess in the back of the body for tremolo springs.
  • Alnico II single coil pickups without protruding poles, noise-cancelling pickup system with a dummy coil between the lead and the middle pickups and active electronics with a special preamp circuit including MDX (mid-range) and TBX (high-range) controls. There was a small backplate near the edge covering the 9-volt battery for the active circuitry.
  • three separate pickup push-on-off selector switches, an edge-mounted jack output and control knobs with a serrated rubber insert

The Elite Series contained three models:

  • the ELITE STRATOCASTER, heavy chrome-plated hardware,rosewood fretboard or a one-piece Maple Neck in 6 standard and 9 custom finishes. Retail price in 1983 was $995 (compared with $650 for a standard Stratocaster).
  • the GOLD ELITE STRATOCASTER, same as the Elite Stratocaster except with gold-plated hardware and pearloid tuner buttons.  Retail price in 1983 was $1155.
  • the WALNUT ELITE STRATOCASTER, same as the Gold Elite Stratocaster with American Black Walnut body and neck and ebony fingerboard. Retail price in 1983 was $1295.

When it was introduced in 1983 the Elite Series replaced "The Strat" series THE STRAT, THE WALNUT STRAT and the GOLD STRATOCASTER were all dropped from the Fender price list of July 1, 1983. Some of the innovative features of the Elite found their way onto the regular Stratocaster, which was again revamped in mid-1983. The Fender Elite Stratocaster also formed the basis for the design of the 1988 Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster.

Этот страт вот как раз именно Gold! На нем все родное, он имеет ествественный износ, есть все документы и родные брошюрки. Гитара звучит ангельски, очень универсальна! Отлично зайдет в коллекцию стратофилов. 


Гитара находится в Днепропетровске! Можно послушать на хорошем ламповом аппарате на выбор — Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Engl….

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